Islands of France

6 Enthralling Islands of France to Visit & Explore

March 8, 2021

France boasts of a plethora of popular tourist attractions. Some of these attractions include the breathtakingly beautiful Islands of France. Read on to know about 6 of these amazing Islands that you can explore with loved ones.

6 Spell-binding Islands of France That You Should Explore


Porquerolles – One of the Best French Islands to Visit

Porquerolles is the largest Islands among a bunch of Islands known as the Golden Isles. These Islands are located on the southern part of the French Riviera that attracts holidaymakers with its enchanting views and natural beauty.

Islands of France

This beautiful Island was previously owned by an adventurer from Belgium. However, it is now owned by the State & is declared as a nature reserve. Apart from this, Porquerolles Island is one of the main Islands which boasts of a gamut of beaches. One of the must-visit beaches on Porquerolles Island is the Plage du Notre Dame.

Corsica – One of the Most Beautiful Islands in France

Corsica Island boasts a plethora of beaches & features unspoiled nature as well as beautiful landscapes. This iconic tourist location is the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean region & 40 percent of the island is occupied by the National Park. In addition to these, you can also find many marine parks that protect the surrounding waters. If you fancy an adventure, then you should head over to the GR20 trekking route. Apart from that, you can also explore a number of sandy beaches to enjoy a relaxing time.

Islands of France

Belle Ile En Mer – Enjoy Exquisite Views

The beautiful Belle Ile En Mer is located on the Gulf of Morhiban & is characterized by has hundreds of islands that include the rocky islets.

Islands of France

But out of these Islands, only 4 are inhabited & the largest of these is the Belle Ile En Mer. The name of the alluring Island literally means “The Beautiful Isle”. Some of the main attractions of this exotic Island are the fabulous beaches, green landscapes & Sauzon – A picturesque fishing town.

Île de Bréhat – One of the Must-Visit French Islands

The alluring Île de Bréhat is an archipelago that consists of two islands. This island is located off the Côtes-d’Armor coast & can be easily reached via ferry from the Pointe de l’Arcouest.


The Island is also known as the Island of flowers due to its mimosa, hydrangeas, fig, eucalyptus trees & many more. This Island can be best experienced on foot or by bike as cars are not allowed. However, you will come across a plethora of coastal paths that boast beautiful views. Apart from these, you can also visit historical places such as the Vauban Fort, St. Michel Chapel, Birlot Windmill & many more!

Port Cros –

Port Cros is the second smallest of the Îles d’Hyère. It is also a car-free national park that is home to a small cross-shaped port. Hence, the Island got the name Port Cros.


This Island boasts of more hills than Porquerolles and is densely populated. Port Cros is a perfect place for hikers due to the numerous trails it offers. End your trip with an authentic seafood dinner at one of its exceptional restaurants.

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