Amazing facts about Kaysersberg, Alsace that Wikipedia Can’t Tell You

March 6, 2019

Kaysersberg is a ravishing medieval town set in the wine area of Alsace in Northeastern France. Eminent as the Mountain of the Emperor, Kaysersberg is among the enthralling Alsatian towns encompassed by vegetation & green hills where the vine grows. With its paved streets, half timbered houses, intriguing historic center & its imperial castle, this remarkable heritage has emerged as a tourist hotspot alluring holiday makers from across the globe. To indulge in your love for architectural beauty, spectacular views, carousing wines and delectable cuisine, grab your France Visa and form new memories of its many wonders.

Exploring Kaysersberg

Kaysersberg is a picturesque setting surrounded by pleasant main streets. The various historical monuments in the city date back to 15th & 16th centuries such as bridges, towers & ramparts. Among the plethora of ostentatious destinations in Kaysersberg include:

kaysersberg twon hall

  • The Town Hall: Built in Renaissance style of the Rennes region between 1604 and 1605, the Town Hall is a mesmerizing city hall of Alasce. It features a beautiful façade with a prettily worked bay window over two storeys, a placid courtyard & a picturesque gallery made of elaborate wood. The large Council Hall inside the Town Hall is covered by an intriguing art of coffered ceiling & wooden panels. The intricate work of marquetry on the doors is an epitome of justice & is worth adoring.


kaysersberg castle

  • The Kaysersberg Castle: The Château de Kaysersberg is a ruined castle built towards 1200 to form a barrier to the routes from Lorraine. The castle stands at an altitude of 295 m & is largely built from granite. An enormous circular keep, 11 m in diameter, hosted at the highest point of the Castle is a real curiosity with its walls over 4.42 m thick. The grand manor houses opulent Gothic art windows that provide the magnificent view to the surrounding areas.
  • Wine charm in Kaysersberg: Wine tourism is a tradition that has long existed in Alsace. Every town of Alsace is lined with wine cellars offering tastings. Kaysersberg is one such town that hosts plethora of streets with extensive wine plantation. Moreover, the cuisine of Kaysersberg is also distinctive compared with the rest of France. The food here is perfectly paired with the characteristic wines produced here – riesling, gewürztraminer, sylvaner and pinot noir. To soak up the fascinating views of the beautiful vineyards & savor the delectable cuisine with carousing wines, apply for France Visa now!

kaysersberg fortified bridg

  • The famous Fortified Bridge: Unique in Alsace, the eminent Fortified Bridge was built in the year 1514. Equipped on both sides with parapets & arrow slits, the bridge spans the small river of the Weiss that separates the old city & the upper part of the town. In the middle of the bridge is an aedicule that houses an 18th century polychrome statue. The structure served as a prison for criminals who were locked up here for a short duration & became the laughing stock of the town.


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