Bastille Day festival – The biggest summer celebration

June 17, 2019

Certainly after London, Paris is the second most visited cities in Europe. Once in Paris, you will never want to leave the city! The massive architectures, nature and variety of events will definitely steal your heart. Let us talk about another spectacular event in Paris – The Bastille Day festival!


Bastille Day Festival


Also known as ‘Le Quatroze Juillet’ or ‘La Fête Nationale’, it is the greatest summer celebration in the city. It unites people from across the globe for the mesmerizing Bastille festival.

Travelers, are you wondering why is Bastille Day celebrated?

It is the anniversary of storming of Bastille fortress in 1789. It was the France’s first upheaval in the monarchies and a turning point for the success of French Revolution. Now, 14th July is a National Holiday throughout France.

Talking about Bastille Day celebrations 2019, it kicks off with the traditional Military Parade and culminates with the spectacular fireworks show.

You are just a France visa away! Be in Paris on 14th July and cherish every moment of this grand summer celebration. However, even if you cannot travel to Paris, let us discuss the festivities of Bastille Day celebrations 2019 precisely:

Traditional Military Parade – Salute the French armed force!


Since 1880, the Bastille Day celebration kicks off with the traditional military parade at Arc de Triomphe. Commencing at 10 a.m. the military troop marched all the way down to Avenue des Champs Élysées. This massive parade is accompanied with impressive trumpet, bugle and drum fanfare to announce the arrival of the President of France.




The military troop then marched down to Place de Concord from Champs Élysées at 11a.m. it lasts for about 1 hour. The elite French military regiments marched on foot, horseback and in vehicles (Tanks).

Apart from this stupendous military parade, an impressive flyover of military aircraft is also scheduled at 10:45a.m.

In addition, if you want to stake out a superb view of the parade, make sure to arrive by 8a.m.

Fireworks Show & Concerts


If you are attending the Bastille Day celebrations 2019, do not forget to witness the awe – inspiring fireworks at 11p.m. It lights up the Eiffle Tower and Trocadéro Garden across the river Seine. The show displays a different and admirable theme every year.




On 14th July, Champ de Mars – the park surrounding the Eiffel Tower becomes the picnic spot for about a million of Parisians and visitors. Besides, you can drink wine and champagne till 3 p.m. in the Champ de Mars.

Apart from this, you can enjoy a special concert of classical music & opera at 9:30p.m.

This firework show lights up the whole sky for about 35 minutes.


Firemen’s Ball


The dazzling fireworks show is followed by the Les Bals des Pompiers – Firemen’s Balls. This tradition was started a century ago, it is organized by Fire Stations throughout Paris.




Generally, ‘Ball Parties’ conjures up the vision of formal attire and slow music. However, it is exactly the opposite, party animals. It is an informal, outdoor party with lot of music, dance, drinks and fun!

The fun begins at 9 p.m., reaches the beast mode by midnight and everyone bids adieu at 4 a.m. completely wasted (in a good sense). Experience the real Paris!

Cruise on the Seine


What could be a better view of fireworks than from cruise on the Seine! Yes, you can enjoy the dinner and luscious wine, while floating past the iconic landmarks along the river. Also, watch the stunning fireworks overhead! The special Bastille Day dinner cruise would be a perfect! It offers 6 course gourmet dinner, wine & champagne, live music and mesmerizing view of the fireworks.


Cruise on the Seine


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