Christmas in France: A Majestic, Magical & Merry Holiday in 2018!

December 3, 2018

As the summer light fades into autumn, and the sight of Christmas looms onto the horizon, holiday trips and festive breaks are always one of the best ways to build your trip. The advent of Christmas marks a stupendous opportunity to relish the transcending freshness of festive vibes & celebrate holiday season.

The pageantry of Christmas is grand and festive. Christmas is a religious and cultural festival celebrated with great enthusiasm all around the world. Culture feasts, mangers, decorated Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas Carol etc mark the celebration of this magical season. The festival is observed to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus who preached love, peace and brotherhood to nations.

Every country has a unique approach to revel the rituals of this holy day. Christmas in France is a major annual celebration marked by a distinctive tradition.

As a country famed for its broad thinking be it fashion, food, art or culture France certainly has plenty to celebrate. Indeed, the French love for festivals is admirable. Celebrations are deep rooted in their culture.

Christmas in France is no exception. As Christmas approaches, certain air of peace and serenity descends over France. The dozens of Christmas related activities & numerous exciting Christmas markets enthrall travelers from all round the world.

Christmas is a great time to plan a visit to this stupendous traveler’s paradise to brighten your Christmas with a Stroke of French tradition. To embark on a fascinating journey to this breath taking tourist attraction this festive season, apply for France Visa now!

Interesting activities associated with Christmas in France

Christmas in France
  • The Christmas Market: French Christmas Markets offer a diverse bouquet of exhilarating entertainment activities such as ethereal display of fireworks, delectable eateries, local handicrafts display, live concerts and a lot more. The multitude of Christmas markets organized in wide range of locations within France render visitors in a maddening dilemma. Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse’s Christmas markets are highly recommended places to soak up the Christmas spirit.

  • A white Christmas in the mountains: France is a favorite ski- holiday destination of many. Waking up to a sparkling white Christmas in a beautifully snow covered mountain village is awe-inspiring. So get your France Visa, rent a chalet in French mountains and get a panoramic view of a perfect wintery Christmas Day. Relish the picturesque scenery, festive charms & seasonal surprises & create magical moments of this winter wonderland!

  • The scrumptious Cuisine: Aroma of sizzling sausages and mulled wine on streets best describe the advent of Christmas in France. When it comes to Noël and the shelves and stalls of supermarkets, France outbound any other country. French markets are stocked with myriad of festive fares. Oysters, frog legs, snails, scallops, or truffles all appear in preparation of the French Réveillon. The delectable culinary menu also includes unusual meats like boar, deer, pheasant and even ostrich. To splash out on luxury ingredients this festive season grab your France Visa now!
  • An excuse to carouse more wine: Christmas in France offers a colossal opportunity to carouse some bubbles of Champagne! Crémants, a sparkling French wine are on offer everywhere. Sweet wines and liqueurs are also popular during this period. The drinks are relished with the delicious pairings of chesses and foie gras. Santé!

Make your Christmas celebration unique &remarkable by embarking on an enthralling journey to France this festive season.