December Extravaganza in France

December 18, 2018

France never ceases to surprise the world with its extravagant & ostentatious attractions. Being in France especially in the month of December is no less than reaching the unreachable star. The boisterous December events in France reward you with some of the most magical events of the year. A million fairy lights with which the city sparkles, hundreds of exquisitely decorated trees lining the boulevards & exuberant concerts down the line fascinates travelers from all round the world.

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Paris autumn festival 2018

  • Paris autumn festival 2018: The Paris Autumn festival is a multi-disciplinary art festival founded in 1972 by Michael Guy. Initially this cultural festival incorporated two existing events along with theatre & art exhibitions. These include:
  • Semaines Musicales Internationales and
  • The Festival of International Dance

The festival now encompasses film, photography, dance, music & the visual art at the forefront of the cultural stage & exhibits work of artists from all over the world. The gala also pays a special attention to various cultures, empiric works, fostering new talents & guest visitors from outside France

This is an annual event held from mid September until the second half of December. During this period nearly 50 programs are scheduled for different dates at around forty different places in Paris that deal with contemporary art. Each year the event attracts more than 150,000 spectators from around the globe. To witness the myriad of vibrant & majestic cultural festive vibes & ebullient December events in France, grab your France Visa now!

  • The Strasbourg Christmas Markets: Set up in the heart of UNESCO world heritage site, Grande Île, the Strasbourg Christmas market is one of the oldest in Europe. The gala draws in approximately 2 million visitors each year and the number has gradually been on rise with the arrival of TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse i.e. “high-speed train”) service in Strasbourg in 2007. During this 38 days long tradition, it is estimated that the city witnesses a whopping benefit of 16 million Euros. Aroma of mulled wine on streets best describe the advent of Christmas celebration in Strasbourg, France. The city is blinged out with sparkling fairy-tale lights, around 300 wooden chalets set up in the city’s historic center, majestic Christmas Trees sporting a dress of lights, & spectacular fireworks.


Strasbourg, the birth place of Christmas celebrations invites you to the authentic sensory journey. Let yourself be carried away by city’s enthralling festive vibes, delectable aromas & countless illuminated streets by applying for France Visa from UK.