Easter Good Friday

The specialty of Easter and Good Friday in France

January 21, 2021

France is a catholic believer country with a strong Catholic history and thus celebrates the most felicitous week of Easter with all dedication and devotion. All the people in France follow the traditions and rituals and memorialize the death of Jesus Christ on the cross on the day of Good Friday. It basically falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday. Easter and Good Friday in France symbolize the grief of Jesus’ martyrdom and the time of celebration as it is the day when Jesus rose from death to the third day of martyrdom. French people celebrate these days with much fun and joviality.

When is Easter and Good Friday?

There are many countries that observe Good Friday as a national holiday on the Friday before Easter. The day celebrates the execution and death of Jesus Christ. However, some countries observe Orthodox calendar in which Good Friday may occur on a different date than this.

Easter Good Friday

What is Good Friday?

If we talk about the important events of Christianity then it will be the death and later resurrection of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God and his life and teachings are the foundation of Christianity.

On this day, after the last supper, Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, put on trial, and sentenced to death. After that, he was tied and nailed by the wrists and feet to a large wooden cross and left to die. This is the reason behind the use of the cross as the symbol of Christianity.

Good Friday Traditions

Many church services are held in the afternoon, usually between noons to 3 pm, to remember the hours when Jesus Christ was martyred on the cross.

Easter and Good Friday In France like other Christian countries, people attend special mass and church services. Other special services are also arranged in the Alsace region. Also, the church bells are kept tied to keep it silent as a symbol of mourning till the Day of Easter. Many people keep themselves away from any kind of meat and also keep fasts.

Easter Good Friday

Easter Traditions

The day is celebrated as it is the end of mourning and the beginning of the celebration, as the day when their beloved Lord Jesus came back to their life after the martyrdom. It is also the time of celebration because it symbolizes the victory of truth over evil and the coming back of the son of God.

On this day the church bells are rung for the first time after two days of silence to mark the beginning of the celebration and the end of mourning. Usually, this ritual is known as the Eastern bells.

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