Easter in French tradition

Experience Easter in French tradition with loved ones

March 18, 2020

The fascinating country of France celebrates a plethora of festivals. Pâquesor Easter in France is one such wonderful revelry that is celebrated by young & old. Tourists can discover Easter in French tradition & learn the nuances of French revelries.

Easter celebrations in France comprise of traditional family gatherings, annual Easter egg hunt, dropping of French Easter bell for kids & much more. The locals celebrate Easter in France by preparing mouth-watering frencheaster food & other types of delicacies. The French people observe Easter Sunday a Public Holiday & hence large social gatherings are conducted in churches.

Easter tradition in France

The Christian Easter celebrates the death & resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. A peculiar tradition is not ringing the bells during Good Friday & Easter Sunday in France. Read on to know about the wonderful festivities of Easter & apply online France visa to relish Easter in French tradition with friends or family.

What is the meaning of Pâques?

  • Pâques is a French word that has its origin from the Latin word “pascha”.
  • The word “pascha” means Passover which originates from the Hebrew word “Pesah”.
  • The term Pessah means passing away which depicts the Exodus of Israelites from Egypt.
  • It is during the Passover that Lord Jesus Christ rose & fulfilled the scriptures of the ancient Torah.

Highlights of Les Traditions de Pâques or Easter in French tradition:

Here are a few traditions of Easter Sunday of Paques in France that might nudge you to enjoy Easter celebrations in France :

The Locals indulge themselves in Decorating chocolate eggs :

  • The residents of France & avid Easter enthusiasts take part in Decorating chocolate eggs.
  • The French people pride themselves in making some of the best desserts on the planet. Thus, Easter in French brings out the best decorations of chocolate.
  • Chocolate shops prepare a plethora of chocolates. You will always get a shop or place to find chocolate rabbits, hens, frogs, toads & Easter Eggs.

Visit Southwestern France to witness locals making a giant omelette:

  • Southwestern France’s town Bessières organizes a gathering on Easter Monday in France.
  • The town’s residents take part in making a giant omelette with almost 15,000 eggs. This giant omelette will be enjoyed by the whole town of Bessières.

easter making a giant omelette

  • This wonderful tradition of easter in French orginated during Napolean’s visit to Bessières. He had a delicious omelette before going to bed.
  • He liked the omelette so much that he had a huge one prepared for his entire army. Thus the making a giant omelette ensued in the following years & became a mainstay of French Easter traditions.

Discover the wonderful Easter in French tradition of French easter bell:

  • As per the Easter in French tradition, the chocolates of Easter Sunday are brought by the flying French easter bell.
  • During Easter in France, the church bells are not rung from Good Friday till Easter. This is done to commemorate the death of Lord Jesus Christ.
  • On the morning of Easter Sunday, the bells return bringing along with them chocolate-based bells & more.
  • Then the bells are rung to show that Lord Jesus has risen & Easter celebrations in France get into full swing.

Relish the amazing Easter egg hunt:

  • Easter eggs are symbols of Easter Sunday in France & hence they are highly regarded by the French people.

Easter egg hunt

  • The annual Easter egg hunt takes places after the flying bells have returned.
  • The yearly Easter Egg Hunt in France is mostly enjoyed by kids. They get an opportunity to go on a traditional Easter egg hunt in beguiling castles (Château Vaux-le-Vicomte) and other amazing places.

Alsatian Easter Market – A Easter in French tradition for Shopaholics:

  • Tourists who prefer shopping should visit the region of Alsace.
  • The towns of Alsace are flooded with special Easter markets & Easter-themed decorations.
  • Locals prepare little nests expecting chocolate-based eggs from easter bunnies.
  • The Alsace region doesn’t have the French easter bell which is mostly found in other French regions since it has Easter rabbits.
  • Sybarites can find chocolate rabbits in a gamut of Easter markets. Kids can play with real furry rabbits & make memories for life.

Savor Elephant Ears – A popular delicacy of Easter in French tradition:

  • A renowned pastry of Easter Sunday is the Elephant ears.
  • This pastry is also known as cinnamon palmiers or pig’s ear in some French regions.
  • Relish the lip-smacking snack which boasts of a crunch consistency & is equivalent of a French Croissant.

Enjoy a delicious Meal during Easter in French tradition:

  • France is known for its amazing cuisine. Locals prepare a variety of foods during Easter celebrations in France.
  • An iconic delicacy of easter in French style is the Lamb-based dish.
  • Jesus is seen synonymous with the sacrificial lamb of the Jewish tradition & in a similar way Jesus laid down his life for the salvation of humanity.
  • This means that Lamb signifies new life & coincidentally Easter Sunday is the time of Spring.
  • Epicures & Food enthusiasts will truly enjoy various types of delicious dishes. These include Roasted green asparagus, meat-based dishes, white beans, Easter Brioche & other gastronomical delights.

Fun Games of Easter in French tradition:

  • Locals conduct wonderful games that can be enjoyed by tourists.
  • Some of the traditional Easter Sunday games are:

Games of Easter in French tradition

Easter Egg roll – Children can enjoy this event, where they have to roll eggs on a gentle slope without breaking them.

Egg toss – Children toss the eggs & then catch them. The last one to not break the egg while tossing & catching wins.

Apart from enjoying Easter in French tradition, travellers can visit a multitude of tourist attractions. So, get a France visa appointment to clear all the formalities & enjoy Easter celebrations in France with a France tourist visa.