Colmar international festival!

Fade into the musical vibe of Colmar international festival!

July 16, 2019

If music is your cup of tea, then charge your souls for the unforgettable rhythm in France. The Colmar International Festival is back! The primary requirement to be a part of this lucrative opportunity is a France visa! Established in the year 1994, the director Valdimir Spivakov opened gateway for numerous music artists!


Colmar International Festival


With its 31st edition, this international music festival of France lives up to its reputation! This international music festival held at multiple heritage sites in Colmar. The rank as one of the Europe’s top ten music festivals, it echoed the whole city with classical & contemporary music. Every year during the first fortnight in July, Colmar International Festival features 23 extraordinary musical concerts. A unique theme or concept is chosen every year to ensure the relevancy of the festival. The tribute to a great musician is the central theme! The Colmar International Festival 2019 is a tribute to a famous Italian Music Director – Claudio Abbado. Born on 26th June 1993, he has conducted many world’s great Orchestras.


For 10 long days, the city will buzz with the classical & contemporary music. International music festival, Colmar, echoes the whole city with the voices of the Aces of Music industry. Music maniacs, you are just a France Schengen visa away!


Colmar International Festival


The festivities are inaugurated by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia.  With the two Beethoven’s finest masterpieces, it is the perfect way to kick starts the Colmar international festival. Scroll down for the highlights of the festival that are not to be missed under any circumstances:


  • Rani Calderon, a music composer, offers an amazing preview to his opera – Notre Dame de Paris.
  • The arrival of Gautier Capucon is one big highlight of this orchestra festival this year. Do not miss on the awesome Cello Concert of Dvorak! The concert will beautifully culminate by Vladimir’s symphonies.
  • Apart from it, grab the most beautiful opportunity to hear Viktoria Mullova – the great violinist in the Violin Concerto No.1.


The list is long! Talking about the vividness offered by Colmar international festival 2019 in one article is a challenging task. You have to be present to be on cloud nine! Ensure you have your visa for France!


Well, in need of more encouragement!


Apart from the exhilarating music festival, there are a lot of things to do in Colmar. You can embark your voyage at the old town of Colmar. Following a hike through the vineyards! In case if your taste buds crave for good food, hop to the mesmerizing open air restaurant in ‘Little Venice’. It is the perfect destination to satisfy your hunger for local specialities.


What are you thinking music lovers? It’s time to head Colmar this summer to enjoy the musical delight! Cheers! Beat the summer heat!

Happy Journey!