France Music Festival 2018 : Harmony in air

May 30, 2018

Music Day: Fête de la Musique

France, 21st June 2018


The music festival is an event that takes place in more than 110 countries around the world. In France, it is a national holiday, organized by the Ministry of Culture and held every year on June 21 since 1982. This festival falls every year during the summer and it reminds us of the old pagan festival of St. John where the half-hour of music planned by the ministry had been largely exceeded. Get your Visa to France and be ready for the France Music Festival 2018.


 This event takes place everywhere in the country, whether in large or small towns, all French people take this event to heart. This Thursday 21 June 2018, professional and amateur musicians will come to invade the streets, bars and concert halls in France. The aim is above all to allow everyone to express their talent in the musical field, while bathed in a joyful and festive atmosphere.


France Music festival


The event takes place all day and night, mainly outdoors and concerts are free. So don’t hesitate for a second! Lovers of France, music lovers or party goers, it is for you a unique opportunity to discover France in its element of celebration and joy, surrounded by various animations. There’s something for every style of music and every age. Whether you’re going with your lover, family or friends, you can be sure to find a shoe at your feet. All you need is a France Visa!


The biggest events like France Music Festival are of course in the big cities. What could be better than discovering magnificent cities, rhythm by soft French melodies or your favorite music! You can choose your musical program of the day, among the diverse choice that the French cities offer you.


France is a country that many dream of visiting, and where each year millions of tourists have the chance to go to discover the charm, culture and beauty of France. Why not you? Don’t miss this exceptional event! It’s time to fly to France. Take tourist Visa for France by applying for france Visa online and expect a holiday full of surprises and magic!