Visiting Paris in summer

Interesting reasons for visiting Paris in summer

March 25, 2021

For most of the tourists, visiting Paris in summer is the best time. Paris is the summer becomes even more dynamic than it usually is – from pop-up terraces and bar-peniches to street festivals, you can experience it all.

Paris is very well known for the architecture, the food, the art and the iconic sights. One day in Paris might not be enough to work through a long wish list of what to see in the city, but don’t worry-you can indeed get a fantastic glimpse of Paris in a day. Whether you want to bronze yourself at an inner-city beach, plunge into a outdoor pool, captain a boat, fancy dancing under the stars, or just want to chill with friends on the waterfront, Paris offers no shortage of unique and fun things to do this summer.

Other than this the landscapes of Paris in summer look straight out of wallpaper. The sky is brilliant blue, the lawns and gardens verdant and the city is awash with golden sunlight. The city is at its picturesque best in the summer and every turn offers a photo-op for click-happy! Summer in Paris lasts between June to August and is one of the hottest and wettest seasons of the year. Also it is the time when the world descends on Paris to explore and enjoy its many offerings. The city plays a host to summer music festivals, national holiday parades and food festivals.

Visiting Paris in summer

We have mentioned most of the best ways to enjoy visiting Paris in summer below

Book in advance

In Paris, summer months are high season so be sure to book in advance including train tickets, flight tickets and accommodation in Paris.

Hotels, especially good ones with a pool, sell out for or charge goody prices for last-minute bookings.

Same applies for the top attractions in Paris like ticket to the Louvre, Eiffel tower, or the Moulin Rouge in summer might be booked out months in advance.

Once you get the green light from your boss or any authority you need to confirm your trip from, book transportation and hotel as soon as possible but also the tickets for the main tourist sites.

Useful items

First thing that you should check on is what to wear in Paris during summer.

Once you have read about Paris summer fashion and chosen the perfect summer in Paris outfits, you don’t want to forget sunglasses and sun cream. As you will be on your feet all day, make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and you carry plenty of water to avoid getting sunstroke or dehydrated. Finally, make time for plenty of rest stops during the day, especially if the sun is hitting hard.

Enjoy long sightseeing days

Summer is said to be one of the best seasons to travel Paris, it is heaven for those craving sunshine and balmy weather. The gardens and parks are verdant with blooming flowers and sprightly trees, making it a great picnic spot. Even a beach springs up in Paris during the Paris plagues, when banks of the Seine turn into sandy beaches. You can find open-air movie screenings like the one at Parc De La Villette. The days are also long with sun rising at around 6:30 AM and setting only around 9:00 PM leaving ample time for sightseeing and making the most of outdoor activities.

Walk instead of Metro

Replace the metro of Paris by walks to avoid getting hot and stressed. Some trains don’t have air conditioning inside so they are real ovens during summertime.

Summer festivities and events galore

Especially in summer Paris is packed with special events and festivals. In June you can participate in the Paris Pride Parade, French Open, Fete da la Musique and we love Green music Festival. In July, there is Bastille Day when you will see Parisians out their national flags. In August, the city hosts the Rock En Seine Festival (open air rock music festival) and French national holidays like Assumption Day and Liberation Day when parades float through the city.

Enjoy the Longer Evenings (and Paris by night)

In summer the sun is out in Paris up to 9 PM – and sometimes even later. Make the most of the longer evenings and enjoy the sights of Paris – most of the attractions and parks have longer opening hours during the summer season so you can plan your itinerary right into nightfall. Then, it is time to head to one of the best rooftop bars in Paris for a brandy or two, before enjoying Paris at night.

Admire the art work at Louvre Museum

Over 10 million people visit the Louvre each year and it’s not a surprise why! As the world’s largest art museum, the Louvre has over 38,000 objects dating back to prehistoric times. It is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and while most go there to see the Mona Lisa, there is so much more the Louvre has to offer its tourists. In summer, the museum is full of tourists navigating their way through some of the finest artwork collections in the world.

Visiting Paris in summer

Relive your childhood at Disneyland Paris

Both kids and the young at heart are assumed to have a good time at Disneyland Paris. There are two parks at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Tickets of Disneyland Park start from 56 pounds and include access to over five theme lands in the park – Main Street USA, Frontier land, Adventure land , Fantasy Land and Discovery land. During summer, the park comes alive with special events that run till late at night. Don’t miss out on the night fireworks and spectacular show “Disney Illusions” that takes place at the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Fantasyland.

Take a gourmet macaroon cooking class

It’s amazing how the French use simple ingredients like icing sugar, eggs and almonds to create a dish as delicate and rich as the macaroon! Parisian style macaroons are a favorite of dessert connoisseurs worldwide – learn how to prepare them! A gourmet macaroon cooking class gives you the opportunity to prepare this dessert with an expert chef. Right from baking to creating the filling, you can do it all.

Visiting Paris in summer is a wonderful experience, which you may have understood now, by reading the description of all these places above. You can find many things to do in a single day in Paris; you cannot even regret your trip for a second. Instantly apply for France Visa online, so that you can easily get it on time for your trip. Don’t forget to pre-book your itinerary.