Interesting things to do in Marseille France

April 12, 2021

Marseille is an old city, with plenty of things to do that will keep tourists entertained for days. We have compiled a list of the best attractions in the city, so those who are pressed for time can pick and choose what they like best. There are many famous things to do in Marseille you just need to find the best for you.

Like many other port around the world, Marseille long had a reputation for seediness and crime. And there is still a curiosity about the city today, which is no bad thing. It lends Marseille a rakish character and gives it an intoxicating assiduity and color.

You can see it all in neighborhoods like Le Panier, Noailles and La Paine and their shops, markets and cafes. The Old Port has been in use since 600BC, and if you are inspired by the great age of France’s oldest city there is a wonderful choice of museums that will send you back in time.

If we talk about the key attraction of Marseille it is the city itself – the atmosphere, flux and throbbing beat of a big port city. The place lives and works essentially in the present, and has done for the past two and a half millennia. Almost despite itself, though, it has accumulated a backlog of culture – to which Marseille’s stint as European Capital of Culture in 2013 brought a certain amount of coherence and much pizzazz. From wandering along the Old Port to getting lost in the colors and smells in Le Panier, there’s a wealth of cultures and communities to explore.

We have mentioned the list of best things to do in Marseille so that you can choose accordingly for your preference.

Best things to do in Marseille

Let’s explore the best things to in Marseille:

Old Port

Marseille’s massive rectangular port has been trading for 2,600 years, and is more of a whole district than a single sight.

Industry has long moved to the modern docks to the docs to the North and most of the boats in the old port are for pleasure.

Things to do in Marseille

But at the innermost Quai des Belges the latest catch is still brought ashore to be sold at the fish market by the water every morning.

Take a boat ride to Les Calanques

Weather permitting a relaxing boat ride to the beautiful Calanques – a stretch of coast between Marseille and Cassis – is a must for anyone visiting the city, especially in the summer. Stunning views, beautiful beaches and a refreshing sea breeze are some of the highlights that travelers will be able to enjoy whilst visiting the Parc National des Calanques. Another option is to cycle around the area and look at the landscape on your own, or even to ride a bike to one of the beaches and then rent a kayak or canoe and paddle out to the cliffs.

Things to do in Marseille

Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde

It’s hard to miss this monument rising above the skyline to the South of the Old Port. It’s a 19th century neo-byzantine Church 150 metres above the water, with a large golden statue of the Virgin and Child at the top of its tower to watch over Marseilles maritime communities.

Things to do in Marseille

There had been religious sanctuaries and watch towers on a La garden for many centuries, and the basilica incorporates the lower levels of a renaissance fort that also included a chapel.

Wander around the Vieux Port

The Vieux Port or the Old Harbor is probably the most important part of Marseille, where all the tourists head to take photos, eat some fresh fish, watch the boats or ride the Ferris wheel. It is a part of the city’s old town and a great location from which to head to all the city’s main attractions, so it’s definitely worth a visit. Sunsets during the summer are particularly awe-inspiring, so stick around the area until early evening for some beautiful views.

Calanques National Park

Marseilles Southern and eastern suburbs brush up against an area of exceptional natural beauty.

You can also experience these rocky wonders by land or sea.

Things to do in Marseille

The scenery obviously makes up for the exertion.

Other than this, there are mini-cruises as well departing from the Old Port, as well as guided kayaking adventures.

Plan a trip to Marseilles Old Town, Le Panier

Marseille’s Old Town is one of the most photographic neighborhoods visitors will find anywhere in France. It is easily accessible from the Vieux Port, as it is situated on a nearby hillside. Firstly it was inhabited in 600BC, when the Greeks settled here, so it truly is the oldest part of the city. The colorful neighborhood is known for being the most multicultural part of the city, making it a unique place to spend an evening or to go for a walk.

Plan a trip to Marseilles Old Town, Le Panier

La Corniche

Entwine down the coast for several kilometers from the Old Port, La Corniche is one long balcony next to the Mediterranean, going past beaches and quirky little neighborhoods.

You can also drive it, but it’s just as rewarding to walk for the sea air and outstanding vistas of the Frioul Archipelago and the towers of the Chateau d’If in the bay.

La Corniche

Among-st all one of the most astonishing sights is the Vallon des Auffes, a traditional fishing harbor on a steep inlet, ringed with ramshackle old huts and accessed from the sea beneath the arches that support the road.

You must have been excited yourself till now, all these interesting things to do in Marseille are one better than the other. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit all these beautiful places during your visit to France. Immediately apply for France visa and once you get the visa, fasten the process of booking your itinerary for saving and minimizing the budget of your travel plan.