International Garden Festival 2019- Bodacious Floral Art Paradise in France

March 20, 2019

France, an ever-blooming country, never ceases to surprise the visitors with its lavish & ostentatious attractions. Being in France especially from April to November is like dreaming with open eyes. The grand International Garden Festival of France rewards you with some enthralling & invigorating displays of the year.

Landscapists from across the world will put their arduous efforts on display in the form of creative & multi-hued plant-based compositions & works on a given theme. Exquisitely decorated & uniquely fabricated trees & plants are enough to allure travelers from across the world to head to this seraphic destination.

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Intriguing History of International Garden Festival

The magnificent castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire was constructed in the 15th & 16th Centuries by Charles 1 d’Amboise. The chateau belonged to Catherine de Medici in 1550, however was later acquired by her rival, Diane de Poitiers in 1559.

Certain apartments of the castle are open to the public. The visitors can witness the some splendid tapestries & rooms like Catherine’s & Diane’s bedrooms, the library & the council hall of the castle. The panoramic view of the Loire Valley could be cherished from the castle’s terrace.

In addition to that, the lauded International garden Festival is held every year in the chateau park from April & November. This astounding Floral Ecstasy brings together landscapists from across the world to showcase their talents by fabricating plant-based compositions on a given theme.

Since 1992, this unique event has served as a laboratory of contemporary gardens & landscaping in the world, a mine of ingenious ideas & a propagating ground for talents. The festival aims at revitalizing the art of gardens, interest of the public by presenting new flowers, modish materials, contemporary ideas & innovative approaches.

The Parc des Prés-du-Goualoup covering a colossal area of 10 hectare was created in year 2012. This park hosts a plethora of perpetual & enduring gardens that are linked to the greatest civilizations of the garden.

No wonder people from across the globe fly down in France every year to witness the marvelous landscaping of the gardens of Chaumont-sur-Loire. You may apply for France Visa Online to adore the invigorating beauty of International Garden Festival 2019 with family & friends.

Insight into International Garden Festival 2019

The 28th Edition of Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival is set to be held in France from 25th April to 3rd November 2019. The Castle Chaumont-sur-Loire will host an international competition for 20 plots of land covering an area of around 210 m2 each.

Designers & landscapists from across the world are welcomed to present their inventions & suggestions of the theme “Gardens of Paradise”. At the International Garden Festival 2019, technology & nature will meet harmoniously as landscapists work together to build a better world represented by the marvelous gardens.

The designers of International Garden Festival 2019 will put their strenuous efforts in fabricating irresistible gardens that reflect utopia with ultra-modern & imaginative techniques & scenographies.

International Garden Festival 2019

Details of International Garden Festival 2019

Address: Chaumont-sur-Loire Castle, Loire, France

Dates: From 25th April 2019 to 3rd November 2019

Tips for Extracting Best from International Garden Festival

  • To save time book your ticket for the International Garden Festival in advance.
  • Grab a shuttle from Onzain/Chaumont station up to the castle.
  • Visit castle, its parks & stables, adore the contemporary art, wander around in International Garden Festival 2019, all for a single admission fee!
  • Relish Mediterranean buffet & other dining options at a gourmet restaurant.

The creativity, diversity & quality of annual display gardens & theme-oriented projects have helped this unique festival acquire a world-wide reputation. Grab the opportunity to witness this remarkable Garden with France Visa. Apply now with us.