Loire Valley Châteaux: The Architectural Elegance at Its Best

January 3, 2019

Living the dreams of owning a grand, spectacular & historical building in many countries is somewhat difficult to realize. However, France holds an exception as almost every department comprises of tower-topped chateaux that dominates the landscape!

If you are fond of castles, there’s no denying the fact that France is an ideal place to admire some of the world’s most magnificent & alluring ones. From grand manorial houses to the majestic monastic & secular palaces, French castles offer a vision of mystique & romance that are difficult to compete with perhaps the more solidly defensive English castles. Grab your France Visa to cherish the splendor & beauty of French Châteaux.

Loire Valley Châteaux

The myriad of picturesque castles & fortified towns scattered around the country evokes thoughts of admiration and amazement. Representing country’s past, the grand fortresses appear like the ones you’ve seen in films or in the pages of a travel brochure or perhaps in fairytales.

Though there are great examples of medieval fortresses & fairytale castles in every part of the country, France’s best-loved castles are nestled in the verdant Loire Valley. The group of 42 chateaux that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Loire Valley attracts more than 3.3 million visitors per year making it one of the most popular destinations in France.

If you can stand before the grandeur of beautifully maintained Loire Valley Châteaux without being overwhelmed, you should check your pulse, you are likely dead. As all the castles are magnificent & culturally significant, handpicking a few is a herculean task.

Though all the castles are distinct and have their own significance, the few castles that are worth seeing for their stupendous architecture & ostentatious historic presentation include:

Loire Valley Châteaux in france

  1. Château of Chambord: Extravagant, Majestic, Prestigious, Colossal- None of these words can fully describe the splendor of Chambord. It is the largest castle in the Loire valley built in the 16th century to serve as a hunting lodge for Francis I. The magnificent building sums up French History, unique architecture, finery & elegance.

The huge castle flaunts over 400 rooms, 365 fireplaces & 84 staircases. The elegant castle cannot fail you to impress with its opulent decoration, fittings & internal architecture of its spacious empty rooms.

This largest Loire Valley Châteaux is a remarkable piece of architecture that offers a whole lot of surprises. To unveil the box of surprises offered by Château of Chambord apply for France Visa now.

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  1. Château of Blois: Once Residence of several French Kings and Queens, Château of Blois is Loire’s finest in-town château. Apart from being one of the most prestigious renaissance monuments in France, this Loire Valley Châteaux is also recognized as a brilliant illustration of the evolution of French architecture from the middle ages to 17th


The castle never ceases to surprise visitors with several magnificent buildings, heavy colors, hangings, a vast Gothic hall & good paintings, 564 spectacular rooms, 75 staircases, 100 bedrooms with a fireplace in each & a lot more. The provision to take photographs allows visitors to flaunt the magnificence & be royalty for the day.


The chateau also features its own ‘son et lumière’, a melodramatic historical narrative backed by a light show and classical music late on summer evenings. So visit Château of Blois to witness its stupendous architectural beauty & delight in the amazing castle expedition.


To relish the architectural beauty & spectacular views of Loire Valley Châteaux, apply for France Visa & form memories of its many wonders.