Lorient Celtic Festival

Lorient Celtic festival | The Flawless festival is back!

August 1, 2019

Lorient Celtic Festival – another name added in the long list of French festivals. Held in the town of Lorient France, this cultural event reunites Brittany with its Welsh roots, along with the Western European Celtic tradition for a total of ten long days. In the world, it is one of the most beautiful ‘Preserving Heritage’ festivals of the world. The retained legacy is showcased via music and dance styles of Irish tradition. Excited to see the Irish traditional style? Wondering about how to reach there? Simple! All you need is a valid France visa ! Oh, do not forget to get your accommodation booked well in advance!

Lorient Celtic Festival

The event serves as a good platform for artists from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Asturias, Galicia, the Isle of Man and Brittany to showcase their spectacular Celtic art. Be it traditional work, classical folk, rock and jazz musicians, dancers or singers, you name it, Lorient Celtic have it! However the list is long! You can also witness the rare artwork of various painters, sculptors, filmmakers and writers. Festival-goers, it is time to get your France visa appointment fixed!

Apart from this, prime yourself for the everlasting and one of a kind musical performance. The Lorient Celtic festival hosts the International Pipe Band Championships and National Breton Bagpipe Championships. During these cultural events in France, you can find prominent professors talking about the Celtic culture.

Lorient Festival

In addition, with over 800,000 spectators, 1,000 active volunteers and 4,500 talented artists from across the world, the festival is a big success. Each year, one country is invited as a guest country to cherish 120 shows hosted in ten days.

Furthermore, while partying, if you crave for good food, there are ample of cafes and restaurants nearby, to satisfy your hunger. What are you waiting for? Apply for your France tourist visa and fly!
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