Oktoberfest Paris – Quench your thirst for tasty beer!

September 26, 2019

Insights of Oktoberfest Paris

Paris, the name is enough to recall the mesmeric beauty! The city of love needs no description! With countless tourist attractions, Paris has all the reasons to capture your heart! Be it a romantic honeymoon tour or a family vacation, Paris has all the ways to make it an unforgettable one! In addition to scenic beauty and architectural marvels, the gastronomy of France will leave you craving for more! French cuisine when served with smoothest beer or wine, tastes matchless. In order to encounter the real taste of beer, plan your tour to Oktoberfest Paris! The festival is perfect to be acquainted with the France food culture! Excited! Ready to leave for Paris! Be a part of the largest beer fest! Grab your France tourist visa and embark your journey to the French food festivals.

oktoberfest paris

Oktoberfest in Paris is not just a fest but once in a lifetime experience! The tale of Paris France Oktoberfest was born around 200 years ago at the royal wedding of Louis I of Bavaria. On the auspicious occasion, a horse race was organised in Munich & eventually, the event turned into a big success. In addition to the horse race, people enjoyed lot of dance & music along with beers in hand. Since then, it has been celebrated during October at the same time. Over a period of time, Oktoberfest Paris turned into a huge carnival where beer flows freely.


Since the second half of 20th century, the borders of the grand Paris event reach beyond the territory of Germany. Alike other festivals, Oktoberfest is enthusiastically celebrated all over the world, especially in Europe. Eventually, the Oktoberfest becomes a tourist attraction, magnetizing thousands of visitors every year. It includes both domestic and foreign visitors! The grand food festival France October is approaching! Alike every year, the Oktoberfest Paris event center will be covered with the aroma of Bavarian Beer for Book the fest tickets and plan your tour beforehand! It’s time to rock France with the never-ending enthusiasm. Get your online France visa and fly!

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Major Highlights of Oktoberfest Paris 2019

  • Date: 11th October, 2019 to 19th October, 2019
  • Venue: Paris event center in La Villette
  • Dress Code: Though, it is not mandatory to follow the decided dress code, however it get you in the Oktoberfest spirit! Dirndls and Tracts is the preferred dress!
  • Oktoberfest Beer: The oldest brewery site in France – the Meteor Brewery serves their scrumptious beers to the guests. For almost 4 centuries, the ancestral took charge to transmit & cultivate the tastiest beer.

Are you ready to Bottoms up your mugs! Cheers to beer aficionado! The time is here; encounter the best French festivals and celebrations in Paris.