Open air cinema

Open air cinema festival is here! Grab a visa and enjoy!

July 3, 2019

Who knew? A park designed by the infamous, Bernard Tschumi, French architect, has been the largest culture park of the Urban society of Paris and also the house for the Open Air cinema festival. The Parc de la Villette is spread in 55 hectares of land and has 35 hectares dedicated to open-air architectures that are comprised of playgrounds, theatres and activity areas for all age groups.

The Open Air Cinema Festival, 2019

Open air cinema

It one of the top French festivals, 2019!

North eastern Paris, the nineteenth district, the green land ,Parc de la Villette is the house to those several visitors who wish to enjoy a month-long Film Festival. Some of the best classics, award winning and well directed movies make sure that visitors don’t get bored.

As the light of the sun vanishes, the movie screenings begin and this marks the advent of the film festival every day. It is a festival that comes every summer and that too with a different theme every year. It provides movies that are new along with the old classic movies from both French and international platforms.

It also hosts the screening of short movies as there are some movies with deep meanings but are lesser known. This Festival is an opportunity for the travelers and enthusiasts to witness some of the lesser known movies (with really deep messages). Also, there are some special activities in which anyone from the crowd can participate. There is no entry fee for the travelers who wish to attend.

open air film festival

Visitors can get deckchairs and blankets to watch the screenings comfortably. Visitors are also allowed to bring refreshments and can enjoy social and family time at the Parc de la Villette.

The main attribute of this festival is that each movie is shown in its original language whereas movies other than French are shown with French subtitles.

Interested tourists hurry and book a visa for France and enjoy the opulent Open-air film festivals 2019 in Paris.