Terms and Conditions

  1. You can conclude our contract with us at any time. Though you will be liable to pay the charges in any case which are incurred during the process of your application.
  2. In case you need to travel to France on the urgent basis you need to pay additional fee. The visa will be issued within 24-48 Hours although the issuance of visa is solely depends upon the Embassy.
  3. In case your visa is rejected for any reason we will not be responsible for the same.
  4. The fee paid to VISAS FRANCE is a Non Refundable fees in any case. Still we assure you that the correct documentation and the procedure will be followed while applying for visa. Still Consulate can deny your request without giving any explanation. The Length of visa depends solely upon the consulate’s decision.
  5. We cannot process your visa faster than consulate or we cannot affect them in any way. The charges will be quoted before applying for the visa based on the documents.
  6. An Additional fee depending upon case will be charged from the traveler in case he or she wants the visa on urgent basis.
  7. The responsibility of issuing visa is solely upon the Embassy/Consulate. It’s upon their discretion whether to Issue visa or reject or they taking more time in processing. We shall not be held as responsible for the same.
  8. Kindly make sure you have sufficient time in your hand to process visa. Normally it takes around 3-4 working days excluding Friday and Saturday.
  9. VISAS FRANCE is not part of any government agency or affiliated to any Consulate or Embassy in any way. We are a private company who is allowed to submit your visa application on your behalf.
  10. The information given on our website is just for reference only. The laws governing Visa and Immigration keeps on changing time to time. We will try to update same on our website from time to time.IN case of any inaccuracy VISAS FRANCE will not be held responsible for the same