Paris Fashion Week: Where Imagination Spread Wings

January 21, 2019

Palpitated with intriguing museums, modern architecture, carousing lifestyle, spectacular views & wild nightlife, France has always held a special place in the hearts of tourists from all round the globe. The sovereign state is recognized for its freedom, creativity & grungy cool attitude which is like no other in the world. The country enjoys the reputation for being a leisure city & merits a visit at any time of the year. To relish the outdoor adventures, stunning scenery, picturesque beauty of France, grab your France Visa now.

Paris crowned as the City of Lights & the Capital City of France is among the prominent tourist attractions & has constantly emerged as one of the most visited cities in the world. Its beauty is etched in its pores & is lit up from within its core- from its culture, history & architecture to its food & celebrations. If you are a shopaholic or a party freak, you will be pleased to know that Paris’s calendar is chockablock year round with exciting events spanning every genre.

The French capital is a hub of fabulous fashion events that act as a magnet for fashionistas from across the globe. True to its reputation, Paris has pulled out all the stops when it comes to shopping. January in particular witnesses maximum participation of local and foreign shoppers as it marks the beginning of Paris fashion week .

This is not all! The capital city is set to sizzle with the range of exhibitions, shows & sporting events in the middle of winter. The month’s long extravaganza witnesses the frenzied gathering of buyers & influence’s who descend on the capital for the fashion delirium. The streets of the capital city are filled to the brim with fiestas. Winter is no excuse to let your sense of style slip. With winter spreading its wings, it is time to cheer up from the grim weather with some fresh garments.

Here are all the ways to get involved in Paris Fashion week.

paris man fashion week

  • Men’s Fashion (Fall / Winter 2019-2020): January 15-20, 2019- The capital’s week long extravaganza is dedicated entirely to men’s fashion. The show revolves around chic fashion by city’s most talented young designers and big name players. The men’s fashion showcase pays homage to the ever expanding creativity of the capital. It is a golden opportunity for Male enthusiasts and it works to change their thinking of seclusion in the world of Fashion. The popularity of this fact can be backed up with the prominent numbers in each event.

 paris fashion week

  • Haute Couture (Fall / Winter 2019-2020): January 21 to 24, 2019- Paris Fashion week is the celebration of discovery & the creative diversity that has made the City of Lights an international hub for fashion. The event is the global center for creativity & innovation. Paris is a top dog on the catwalk during the fashion week. The inexhaustible dressing inspiration offered in Haute Couture sees the latest in style from across the pond that is set to leave everyone awe struck. To witness the week long extravaganza of fashion in the capital city grab your Visa to France now!


  • Women’s Fashion (Fall / Winter 2019-2020): February 25 to March 05, 2019- Just when you thought it was time to crawl under the duvet & swaddle yourself until spring, Paris Fashion week So don your sassiest Women’s fashion get-up & head out there to behold the latest ecstasy, disturbing the sane balance and relish promising concepts. Women’s fashion event gives fashion freaks a spectacular opportunity to explore glamour, & rich variety of contemporary fashion & textile items. A France Visa is all it takes to grab this stupendous opportunity to witness amazing Women’s Fashion.


The Paris fashion week apart from showcasing the master classes & young ideas also gives the impatient ones a stupendous opportunity to sneak a peek at forthcoming vestiary highlights. Moreover, the street wear & luxury stores lineup with the whole load of super-stylish satellite extravaganzas. Restaurants serve scrumptious food to allow fashion pioneers to embroil in the insatiable thirst & rapture the jamboree.