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What to bring back from your trip in France?

May 16, 2018

When we travel, we like to bring back memories, whether to remember the good times, or to share our experience with our family and friends. If you go to France and planning to get France visa, you are obliged to bring back France souvenirs of this wonderful country, which is home to a large number of quality handicrafts. But then what to bring back? The choice is very vast, and be careful not to confuse typical French products and “tourist catches”. Here is a small list of 7 kinds of france souvenirs you can bring back from this beautiful country.


1) Clothing and accessories: You can bring back two types of clothes and accessories: traditional and luxury. Opt for a beret with a pretty striped jersey, and you can even find in some shops traditional costumes that were worn at the time. If you are not too trendy traditional and antique, opt instead for a shopping trip on the Champs Elysée, where you will find the latest Parisian fashion pieces. Let go and take a nice Louis Vuitton purse home to your sweetheart, sister or mom.


Clothing and accessories


2) Beauty care products: France is known for its great brands of craft care products, such as L’Occitane, Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Avène… If you are in Paris, this is the best time to enjoy these unbeatable prices for creams, toilet waters, handmade soaps and more. When you go to the Guerlain house in Paris, you will find the most intoxicating Parisian perfumes.


3) French culinary specialties: It is not always easy to bring back food when you return from a trip, but in France, gastronomic specialties are really a must, and if you have the possibility to bring some back to your country, you will probably make happy people. Here is a small list of foods to absolutely bring back from France:


French culinary specialties


– Foie gras et confits: It is the best gift you can make if you want to make discover the magic of the French celebrations to your close people.

– Cooked meats: Whether you choose a dry sausage from Auvergne, rillettes from Le Mans, a parsley ham from Burgundy, or a Lonzu from Corsica, your taste buds will only be very satisfied.

– Cheese: They say that in France, there are more than 365 kinds of cheese, so even if it seems difficult to try all the French cheeses, this does not prevent you from discovering a certain number and offering your favourites as gifts. Here are some ideas: Cantal, Auvergne blue, reblochon, Brie de Meaux and Camembert

Jams and honeys: Redcurrant jam, lavender honey, rose petal jam from Provins and many other types of jams and honeys are very nice gifts to make. Try to buy these sweets more in artisan shops than in supermarkets.

Fruits and vegetables: Grenoble walnuts and Vitteaux prunes are a real delight and will necessarily be a pleasure for the person to whom you will bring back this little gift.

– Condiments and spices: To prepare the most succulent recipes at home, bring back Dyjon mustard, herbs from Provence, and Guérande salt.


4) Sweets: Among the French culinary specialties, there are many desserts and sweetness that are really worth bringing back. The French pastries are very famous, like the madeleines, the macaroons, the Canelé and the calissons. But French sweets are also a must. You can buy all kinds of chocolates, caramels, nougat, fruit pastes, pralines, sugared almonds and many others.


5) Alcohol: Whatever people say, France is a country that consumes a lot of alcohol, and has sumptuous wines. Go to a wine shop and taste it! Whether it is Red, Rosé, White or Yellow, you will find a bottle that will suit you and your loved ones. You can also find French brandies or beers.


french Alcohol


7) Porcelain: If you want to make a more original gift, choose to bring back porcelain  France souvenirs. You can find all kinds of objects, such as pendants, dishes or decorative accessories. Even if you can find porcelain objects a little everywhere in France, it is from the city of Limoges that this speciality comes, and you will thus find there many more workshops and shops of authentic and craft porcelain in this city.


You can bring back a whole bunch of other  France souvenirs, like books, posters, postcards, miniature Eiffel towers, a French knife, t-shirts and key chains in the colours of France, etc. But for this you need to prepare your trip, and you need a Visa for France. So don’t wait to apply online France Visa, and go to buy the most fantastic souvenirs!